My Favorite Things, That's So Seattle

just dancing lessons in westlake plaza after work, no biggie

some days, i just love seattle. there are many reason for my over-the-top adoration but today i present you with one simple reason. dancing! wait, let me explain. today was a rough day at the office. i was busy non-stop and my to-do list was a bear! i actually forgot what day it was. but when i left my office late this evening, and took my usual route to the bus, i walked into a dancers paradise.

in the middle of westlake plaza in downtown seattle was a free dance lesson! yep, full dance floor, sound system, mood lighting, instructors and chairs for the wall flowers! seattle parks was sponsoring “dancing til dusk” and anyone could participate. after my crazy day, i just sat down and watched total strangers enjoy dancing with each other as they ended their work days. kind of wished i had gotten there at the beginning of the lesson and not in the middle.

dancing is the kind of magic that melts your heart and releases your inner child. to dance in public, with a total stranger, is not for the faint of heart. and yet … i can’t help but wonder how much happier we would all be if just once, we took a chance and danced like no one was watching! i do hope you dance. it frees you. trust me on this.

unfortunately for the dancers in westlake plaza, many of us were watching and with our cameras. i apologize in advance for any awkward dancers captured by my lens. trust me, you brave souls, i am proud of you and looking forward to sharing your joy with the world. or at least, the people crazy enough to read my blog on the regular! besides, you looked great.

Nourisha Wells

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