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Lavender wishes and relaxation dreams

Awww. What a breath of fresh air it was to hop a ferry and head to Sequim for the Annual Lavender Festival? Sometimes you just have to get out of Seattle and explore the larger puget sound area to truly appreciate what we have in our region.

Sequim has the largest lavender fest in the country and the hour drive is hardly a blip on the travel radar. A quick ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and then a drive along a winding road and you’re there. The rewards for venturing off the beaten path were great. There was lavender as far as the eyes can see, and that’s even with a smaller crop this year due to our crappy summer weather.

I enjoyed the various lavender goods ranging from culinary treats like lavender cookies and spice rubs and baking mixes to the more common lavender pampering treats like lotions and candles and bath salts. Inhale. Exhale. Feeling relaxed yet? I sure am.

Nourisha Wells

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