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crafts and cocktails with some of my girlfriends

i’m very late posting this story about my fabulous crafts and cockstails party back in april. i had some of my girlfriends over for sangria and a craft party. we made magnetic makeup boards. after making my own i decided every girl needed to have one in her life.

the ladies had a fabulous time making crafts, consuming copious amounts of sangria, and of course chatting it up all night. i had such a great time with them. i can’t wait to host another party. here are some photos from the evening.

the crafts take center stage
time spent with the ladies is always time well spent
after a few glasses of sangria the conversation just flowed
her frame is all ready and now it just needs makeup!
and here is the make up - the magnetic makeup board is now complete
my friends are some gorgeous ladies
yet another lovely lady i get to call friend

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  1. Makeup boards are a great idea. I have so much I would need a huge one. Have you heard of jewelry frames? I love making them. I have made a few for my friends and family. Check out what I mean at

    Maybe it can be your next crafting party subject.

    1. thanks for the tip! and you should definitely consider life in seattle! i love it here. (obviously)

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