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i made my very own magnetic makeup board!

people are always asking me what we do when it’s so rainy outside. i seriously think people think the entire city shuts down when the rainy season starts. for us, the rainy season lasts pretty much october to may but who’s keeping track? we get it. you all think it rains all the time in seattle. honestly, it does rain a lot. but life doesn’t stop because it’s raining.

yes, we’re caffeinated because you kind of need something to get you going when the sun chooses to take a sabbatical. but we don’t go into hiberanation like some seem to think. Just this weekend, i joined a gazillion other folks at the emerald city comicon. i’ll have a post coming on that later, just as soon as i upload all of my pictures and videos! there really are a ton of them! but if you choose to stay inside when the rains come, there are all kinds of goodies to keep you busy.

seattlites love a good read. we are true bookies. and of course there are the endless tv shows to stream on netflix or hulu plus. there are video games and movies and board games and food and wine and … you get the point. we’re not bored!

To unwind from my crazy comicon weekend social interaction overload, i choose to stay inside (while the sun was out, gasp!) and do a little craft project. i’ve been working on figuring out ways to get more organized this year and i saw this little project online and thought it was a great way to kick off my organization while having quality down time. i made my first magnetic makeup board!

it’s pretty easy and you can google for directions. but since i’m writing a post i’ll tell you what you need!

Metal sheet (from hardware store)
Picture frame to match the size of your metal sheet
Magnetic tape or Magnetic circles with self adhesive
Pretty decorative paper
Your Makeup!

you’re going to deconstruct the picture frame and replace the innards with the decorative paper first, then your metal sheet, then the pack of the picture frame and set it aside.

next you’re going to attach the magnets to the bottoms of all of your makeup that you want added to the board. this process can take a while but you want to make sure you have the magnets really secure. that’s why i suggested the superglue. for some reason the magnetic sticky stuff just doesn’t get the job done. other people didn’t seem to mention that online! but i’m all about honesty. so, you’re welcome!  once you have all the magnets attached stick them to your board. finally, hang your board on the wall where you normally keep your make up and viola, art and organization together. can we say awesome? of course we can!

now that you know how to do this awesome little craft project, go ahead and make your own. do share your photos in the comments (yes i like to pretend people actually read my site.) happy crafting!

here are a few pictures of my project for you to enjoy and reference.

the materials to complete the project


my magnetic board all constructed - i kept it simple and elegant


attaching the magnets to my very large makeup collection


attaching a few of my pieces to the board


the final product hanging in the bathroom!

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  1. This is a GREAT IDEA! I love the convenience of it. It also looks pretty! Good job!

    1. thanks! i want to plan a cocktail party where i get a bunch of ladies together to make them. they’re so easy and can really display a woman’s character. i kept mine simple because i’m pretty simple but i’ve seen awesome examples online!

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