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we’re going on a mushroom hunt …

my friend sandy and i started our sunday morning with a wonderful urban forging excursion. we went on a mushroom hike! we met up at bridle trails state park in kirkland, wa, with about 15 other people and our own personal mycologist, luke baylor. we went off on a magical mushroom adventure that promised to reward us at every turn, behind every leaf and under every log. not all of our discoveries were edible but i have to say i enjoyed every part of our journey!

the mycologist talked to us about the different types of mushrooms growing in the park and helped us identify the edible from the not so edible to the down right poisonous. i’m sure everyone has a story of eating a mushroom as a kid that turned out badly. i know i do! after today, i’m by no means ready to go forging on my own, but i feel like the wheels are turning. i believe you should be able to eat off the land and this is one cool way to learn how to do just that.

you can learn more about the bridle trails park mushroom walks by visiting their website at you will have to share the trail with horses, dogs and people so be prepared for lots of poop. but at the end of the day, it was totally worth it!

here are a few pictures from my awesome journey. i do apologize for the photo finish variety. i was experimenting with instagram like every other iphone owner!

me and sandy
our motley crew of mushroom hikers

our beautiful chantrelle mushroom. it was yummy!
the gills tell the real story and help identify the mushroom

sometimes nature is just flat out cool!
these bad boys were poisonous. so tiny but so deadly!
our personal mycologist, luke baylor!
sandy enjoying the hike and the hunt!
me enjoying our spoils!
it's the mario mushroom. power up!

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  1. I just saw your blog post. Thanks for the photographs; I did not know they existed. This is Luke, the mycologist for the hike, and I am happy to see that you had fun and thanks again for posting these photos!


    1. that is so cool that you found this post! i had a great time trekking through the forest and i continue to use that knowledge when i talk about mushrooms! looking forward to doing it again with a few new friends.

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