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may day protests in seattle go horribly wrong

sometimes seattleites make me shake my head. let’s take today for instance. the may day protest went horribly wrong. why people why?

a small crowd gathers as some demonstrators confront phoenix jones, a self-proclaimed crime fighter, outside the william kenzo nakamura united states courthouse u.s. court of appeals tuesday, may 1, 2012 in seattle. jones tried to intervene as demonstrators broke out windows of the building and launched smoke bombs.

this my friends is seattle hotmessness. i saw the protesters parade down my street while working away in my office. i laughed at the goofiness of it but i had no idea these fools were going to be so destructive. sigh. i’m all for civic disobedience but why destroy property? anyway, here are some photos from the seattle times and shot by photographer ERIKA SCHULTZ

follow the twitter stream here:

seattle superheroes show up to fight crime
v for vendetta ... in seattle
protesting your right to breakdance and smoke weed?
of course this wasn't going to end well for you

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