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Yes, brown people like karaoke, too!

this post is both embarrassing and fun to write. embarrassing because i am a horrible singer. always have been. i’ll NEVER forget getting kicked out of choir in middle school because i couldn’t sing. mrs. rupp, the choir teacher was preparing us for a concert and she had us singing row by row because someone was “off”. of course when she got to my row i was nervous. i knew i was probably the culprit but i was trying really hard to blend. well, we sang and i sang under my breath, moving my mouth but not really letting a sound escape. she caught on. she made us sing one by one. i couldn’t hid at that point. i belted out the song in the wrong key. i was mortified. and everyone laughed at me. i’m brown and chocolate so no one could see me blush but it definitely happened. after class, she asked me to reconsider choir as i didn’t really have the talent to be in the class. at the end of the semester, she kicked me out. i’m still scared.

so when my friend asked if i wanted to go to karaoke i thought, sure. i can go and support! i’ve done karaoke before and it’s nothing like i thought. it’s supposed to be a safe place for horrible singers to find love. it’s nothing like that. these people are serious about their karaoke! i wasn’t ready. and i wasn’t really allowed to sit at the table and support either!

the fun part of this post is i sang three songs! i sounded terrible and didn’t have nearly enough liquid courage to make me forget how self conscious i was, but life is short and you just have to learn to let go. so, here are few pics, and hopefully videos eventually of that lovely night of karoake in seattle.

song selection is important!
a fanbase is also important!
proof that i did in fact grace the stage
and then you sit back and let the pros do the damn thang!


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