Eat to Live

friends + dinner + art = the fabric of our lives

spending time with my friends is very important to me. i believe you have to work hard to cultivate relationships and keep them growing deeper and stronger. the seattle winter/early spring climate allows for a lot of friendship cultivation time!

that is how i found myself hanging out with my friend shaquita on capitol hill friday. we were having a dinner and art night and it was a treat! we started the night off with a tour of her very nice clinic. first let me say i’m extremely proud of her! in college, this girl was about business! she inspired me to put more priority on school and striving toward my career than being social. don’t think i’ve ever told her that. lol. so, to see her doing her thing just makes me smile!

after taking a tour of her clinic we head over to zoe on the hill for a little nom nom. it was our first time and we ordered delectable spread of fresh oysters on the half shell, beet salad, boar bolognese and candied brussel sprouts. yum! of course we washed it all down with spring time cocktails.

we chatted over dinner and caught up on each others’ busy lives. and then we continued our evening with art. we strolled over to vermillion to enjoy  the luke haynes quilt exhibit. when you think of quilts, portraiture is usually not a part of the discussion. and yet, luke has figured out a way to capture portraits in the quilts on display! i was blown away. we both had an affinity toward the glass and the hammer. and of course his ode to the king of pop was amazing. i loved that luke was playful with his art and had man self portraits on display. it was a reminder to me that i’m not the only one obsessed with capturing great self portraits!

it was a great evening. i enjoyed the food, the art and of course the company. i’ve decided that for now on, dinner and art should go hand and hand. i’m convinced now more than ever that it is the fabric of our lives!

here are a few photos from my dinner + art evening with a friend.

beet salad
beet salad from zoe on capitol hill
boar bolognese
candid brussel sprouts
luke haynes exhibit is on display at vermillion on capitol hill
the artist
self portrait
shaquita checking out the exhibit
the infamous glass. it's so amazing!
the king of pop
and this is the actual bar at vermillion - typical capitol hill watering hole

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  1. Jolyn says:

    I love the night you all had! It looks so inspiring! Now, about those brussel sprouts….can we say watering mouth now in progress…while 31at31 is on The Southern Hospital Tour, I must hunt some down ASAP!

    Congrats to your friend and her clinic!

  2. I can’t wait to read about your tour adventures

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