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between heaven and hellboy: an art show of comics revisioned

this post is past due as i attended this gallery opening back in july. i’m not sure what it is with me updating this site with the constant barrage of geeky things i do in seattle. it is what it is i guess. i can make promises to do better but i don’t make promises i can’t keep and in the end all i can do is try. oh wait. do or do not. there is no try. darn you yoda! pwnd!

okay, so i do. today i share the awesome that was the between heaven and hellboy art gallery opening. i was blown away by the re-visioned comic heroes and villains and the depth of skill displayed in each piece. i kind of wish i had more walls in my home and more discretionary income because there were some truly great works of art i wanted to take home with me. alas, i collected business cards from my favs and will follow the artists. hopefully, one day soon, i’ll have an original!

there was so much art so i’ll just get right to the sharing. please enjoy!

during this election season, i don’t think there is a more appropriate descriptor of ole mittens than to portray him as two face. agreed?
so many great pieces all around
i took a friend to enjoy the geeky awesome with me!
thundercats hoooooooooo
the colors alone are breathtaking
my life’s motto
you might not know this but, i’m wonder woman.
proof positive i was here. and rocking my green lantern shirt to prove i’m down with the geeks.
why so serious about your kicks?
doesn’t everyone need their own personal iron man mask – just because? you know you want to say “i’m iron man” and drop the mic!
beautiful artwork i’d love to hang at home!
this makes me think of the flying monkeys from the wiz. no?
if dr. doom ran the world, would there be a world left?
these comic platform booties looked much better in person but wow, if you can pull these off!
this brown captain america is going hard in the red. not sure what to think.


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  1. I am truly glad that you liked the exhibition! It was great fun putting together!


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