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She-Ra: Princess of Power Rocks the Geek Girl Con

there is a rumor floating around there that all girls want to be princesses and grown women want to be treated like princesses. let me clear something up for you. i didn’t grow up thinking i was helpless and had to be rescued by a prince to make my life a happy ending. somehow, i knew that power lied in me and my choices determined the outcome. maybe that’s why i dig comics and superheroes so much. while they are certainly flawed in many ways, they possess the power to make things happen. aw, i always wanted super powers. but the next best thing is cosplaying someone who does have superpowers!

and so i found myself at this year’s geek girl con in seattle cosplaying the princess of power: she-ra! oh how i loved princess adora back in the day. it was a great day when netflix added the entire cartoon collection to the streaming library. let me tell you, i watched them all and laughed and danced around my living room just like i did when i was a little girl. i jumped on furniture and thrust my sword of power into the air. i am she-ra, hear me roar!

look at me, i’ve gotten carried away reminiscing. back to the con. oh yeah, i was she-ra and basically, i rocked!  i truly felt all kinds of geek love as i moved from panel to exhibit hall to game room and back. people loved she-ra as much as me. who knew! well, now i do! i definitely plan to cosplay she-ra princess of power again. and i’ve decided i will never again attend a con without cosplaying. i tend to always do something but sometimes i go the easy route and throw on a geek shirt and call it a day. never again. i will be present in all my geek girl glory and with so many awesome heroines sprinkled throughout geek culture, my options are limitless.

now that i’ve gone on and on about the con, here are some pictures. i know that’s what you really want anyway! as always, enjoy!

It’s just the Avengers (gender benders) and Jareth from Labyrinth
She-Ra had to get some of that group photo action! Ain’t she cute!
What’s a con without Chewie? Exactly!
This was my favorite panel. Mostly because that’s the name of my home wifi- network. Well, actually it’s ‘where’s my sandwich bitch boy.’ Yep, I’m awesome.
Darth MaKenna stole the show
Oh look, it’s the Zelda family! They traveled all the way from Highrule.
She-Ra would have totally busted Katniss out of the Hunger Games

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  1. Oh! Your She-Ra was amazing! I kept seeing you throughout the con but was usually live-tweeting something and couldn’t act fast enough to stop you.

    Excellent cosplay 🙂

    1. thanks so much! i was so excited by the response. who knew she-ra was so loved?!

  2. Wow that She-Ra costume is awesome and you are rocking it!

    1. Thanks! Can’t wait to wear it again.

  3. Wow. You really rocked the She-Ra costume! I remember seeing you at GGC but didn’t get a chance to stop and take a picture. I so wanted to be She-Ra growing up, with the sword and the horse/flying unicorn. Hmm, I might have to do a She-ra marathon.

    1. I am fully on board with you having a She-Ra marathon!!! And yes the horse! It’s like they say be you unless you can be a unicorn and then be a unicorn! I don’t mind being either or. And thanks for the compliment!

  4. Venus says:

    Love your costume!! I am planning on being her for my work’s halloween party! Did you make the helmet/crown/tiara? If so, think you could make another? I’d pay ya!

    1. Thanks Venus! I wish I was crafty enough to make it. I actually bought the entire costume at I’m sure you’ll rock She-Ra. Share photos!

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