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i’m pretty sure i just drank sweet earth

i’m juicing. for the first time ever. and for the next three days. what have i gotten myself into?

i know that juicing has become all the rage the last few years. i’ve had several friends who have gone out and bought expensive juicers and dug up crazy recipes that mix kale and apples with carrots and ginger for what are supposed to be healthy and satisfying elixirs. i’ve always resisted the temptation. what can i say, i don’t like to conform. but i do like to be healthy. and that’show i found myself here.

my coworkers and i each ordered a three day supply of juices from a local company called strawberry moon. everything is fresh and organic and mixed to your liking (if you happen to know what you like). or you can just get the premixed drinks and combine them for a full days liquid meal. i’m going to be honest. doing a juicing fast gives new meaning to the term liquid courage. why? because you have to be pretty courageous to consume some of the things on that menu.

today, on day one, i started off with a lovely, vibrant red mixture of carrot, beet, apple and ginger. it looked awesome. the mixture was full-bodied and aromatic. but when i took a sip, it was a different story. i’m pretty sure i just drank sweet earth. yes, dirt mixed with sugar!

have you ever eaten a lemon and then puckered up while shaking because it was just too intense? well, i can’t stop doing that after consuming my sweet earth drink. even guzzling water along side it hasn’t removed that taste from my mouth. and to think, i have two more of those to drink over the next two days. what was i thinking? i hate beets!!!!!

i have been assured that many of the other mixtures taste wonderful and once i have my second juice of the day, the sweet earth drink will be a memory of the past. dear sweet baby jesus, please take that taste from my mouth never to return again! oh wait, it will be back tomorrow. long sigh.

the things we do in the name of fitness and health. the truth? i want to be healthy and that means making sacrifices. see, strawberry moon says that a short term juice fast can retune, suppress insulin secretion, reduce sugar cravings and give the internal organs a break. once i finish my cleanse, i’ll be on a journey to improve my eating and exercise habits. my plan is to cut way down on the junk i eat and increase the veggies of colors besides green. yes, i discriminate against any veggie that isn’t green. i wonder why they exist but i guess everything serves a purpose. but we all know that brussel sprouts, spinach, kale and green beans are where it’s at.

i also plan to cook way more than i have been lately. after a long day it is so tempting to just stop and grab something on the way home. sometimes those grab and gos are actually healthy. most of the time they aren’t. but the big downfall is when i don’t cook i don’t have anything to take for lunch. resetting my eating habits will include resetting my grocery shopping, cooking and exercise habits as well. if every journey begins with a single step, i’m taking my first step today on this journey toward a healthy me. and eventually, i’ll forget that i drank sweet earth for breakfast today. yes, soon it will be a distant memory!

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