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if you’re happy and you know it do these things

when you were a kid you definitely sang if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. it was probably one of the first songs you actually learned how to sing. well, maybe besides patty cake. the song is pretty simple. if you’re happy the way you show it is to clap your hands, stomp your feet, make a smiley face, etc. but you and i both know being happy isn’t that simple once you become an adult.

happiness is usually subjective and varies greatly from day to day. if the sun is shining when i leave the house in the morning, i’m usually smiling about it. except when it’s too bright and then i’m blinded by all that light. on those days i’m usually grouchy at the sun. but then i get over the hill and i’m suddenly happy again. see what i mean? happiness is subjective.

but there are people (i like to think i’m one of these people) who are genuinely happy and full of joy most of the time. i personally walk around with a smile on my face most days. why? because i like to smile. smiling’s my favorite! hehehe. if you’re not a smiler, you should try it some time. it’s amazing how a smile on your face can totally change the interactions you have with people.

if you’re not quite sure how to be happy because you’ve been a sourpuss for so long, i have good news for you. that stephen covey guy made a list of 12 things happy people do differently. read the list. start doing the things on the list. and BAM! you’re happy! that was easy!

do these things and happiness will follow you
do these things and happiness will follow you

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