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i don’t always whip my hair back and forth but when i do …

i’m a natural girl. i did the big chop almost two years ago (naturalversary is mid september!) and i don’t think much about it. this is my second time going natural as an adult and i’ll be honest, i don’t care one way or the other what people do with their hair. i say choose whatever is healthiest for your hair. for some people, a relaxer seems to work just fine. for me, it was extremely harsh and damaging. my hair doesn’t seem to like chemicals period. no color for this gal.

but you will never see me jumping into arguments screaming team natural or encouraging people to abandon the creamy crack. listen, your hair is your business. i think it’s important to know that it is your crowning glory. it is healthiest in it’s natural state but that is really determined by your attention and diet. hair requires the proper balance of care and nutrients just like everything else in your body. if you eat like crap and don’t take care of your temple, your crown is gonna be jacked. you would think this goes without saying but clearly it doesn’t.

i usually go to the shop twice a month to get my locks cared for. i try different styles ranging from flat irons to rod sets to braids to twists. i love hair that moves and enjoy when my own is out. bouncy curls, straight flips, springy fros — i love it all! thank you willow for giving me a wash day anthem. i whip my hair back and forth. i whip my hair back and forth. i whip my hair back and forth. just whip it!

today i got my hair done and the style makes me feel super regal! i consider myself queenly for many reasons (adoption by the king, descendant of royalty, beautiful black woman) and this hair was a reminder that my hair is indeed my crowning glory. i wish  black women would learn to fully embrace their natural beauty – including their hair. there was much uproar over the pastor who asked his female staff not to wear weaves. he might have been slightly off on some of his assessments but most of them were true. we collectively flock to weave because we’ve accepted the lie that our hair isn’t beautiful or presentable or desirable. if it ain’t long and silky and flowing down our backs, it’s not the business. it makes me sad. weave makes me sad period. i just don’t get it! and i don’t get why women will go natural and then hide their hair under weave. it just doesn’t make sense to me. i know it makes sense to them. that’s fine. we’re not falling out over it. and i still love you. but i am lowkey praying that you learn to love your full self including your hair.

i saw a post on twitter this morning that said “grandma taught mama to love her skin. mama taught us to love our curves. we’ll teach our daughters to love their hair.” yes! let’s teach our daughters and sons to love their hair. why? because i don’t always whip my hair back and forth but when i do i love it in whatever state it’s in! 





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