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i can’t keep calm because there is too much to do

i don’t think anyone would identify me as a calm person. it’s not because i’m always amped up and agitated. it’s more because i don’t like to sit still. i know how to be still. i just don’t like doing it. i was blessed with a natural abundance of energy and even in my thirties it just won’t quit. since it won’t, neither will i. and that’s a good thing because there is so much to do!

since january 1, i have hit the ground running. moving from one thing to the next, checking things off my lists and hopefully, impacting those around me. i decided to embrace fully this life i live and therefore have taken advantage of everything put before me.

so let’s see, that has included taking on a leadership position for the CTTAB board i serve on, writing a few articles and stories for publication, applying to and being accepted into the project LEAD program, advocating for housing equity in washington for delta days at the state capital, mentoring a few ladies who are just starting out in their careers, supporting friends in the launch of their businesses, moving into a new place, being promoted at work, chaperoning a stem day event at pacsci, celebrating birthdays, attending going away parties, having dinner with nikki giovanni and more. if you got exhausted reading that, i apologize. i am only mildly exhausted having lived it. how’s that for crazy?

i have a confession to make. as much as i love every part of my life, my body sometimes rebels. it sometimes screams at me to sit down some where and be quiet, and this weekend, as i planned to celebrate another birthday, catch a movie, mastermind for a video game i want to pitch to a developer and set up my home office, i had to listen.

i caught a cold. i woke up with a sore throat and it progressed to a cough and stuffy nose. i was sidelined. it’s so funny how our bodies instinctively know what we need. i need to rest. part of this is because i am always on the go. the other part of this is i have been staying up every night watching the winter olympics and then getting up early to make it to a full day of work. it’s crazy. i own it. but i vow to make the necessary adjustments because being sick just sucks.

so today i took a long eucalyptus bath, did a facial, watched cartoons on netflix, talked on the phone to a few friends and layed on the couch in my superman onsie with the cape and wrapped in my fuzzy blanket. i’m sipping on water and oj and slurping down homemade chicken broth. i guess it’s true that sometimes even superheroes need a break. well played body, well played.

even superheroes need to rest
even superheroes need to rest

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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