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what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind

as i was sitting in a corner coffee shop working away this afternoon, i looked up and spotted a very handsome guy looking at me. or he could have been looking past me since i’m sitting in front of the window and it’s absolutely gorgeous in seattle today. i mean GORGEOUS! the sun is shining and it’s a warm, breezy 65. everyone is out walking and soaking up that vitamin d. we loves our vitamin d! so he could very well be looking past me. but then again, he smiled when i caught him staring. yep, he’s staring at me.

and why shouldn’t he be staring? i look just as stunning as that sunshine. i bought a few new beauty products last night and have to say today was a perfect day to try them out and the results – well they speak for themselves. anyway, as he looked away, i looked down and noticed his tee shirt. it says “what’s on a man’s mind” in black letters just above the picture of a naked woman with very ample breasts. i can’t tell what else is on the shirt but i will submize from what i do see that he agrees that all men think about is sex. typical? hmm. women think about sex just as much as men so perhaps not.

but it did make me want to break from the work at hand and write my own list of what’s on a woman’s mind. since i’m brown, and nerdy, i’m going to write what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind because that’s how i roll!

so what’s on my mind this lovely, sunny saturday afternoon? i shall limit my list to just five things because other wise i could go on forever and ain’t nobody got time for that!

number one thing on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind: men
yes i think about men all the time. there are a number of reasons for this. one, i’m attracted to men. when i see them i look in admiration or disgust. depends on the man. but a handsome man with his act together will always catch my attention. don’t let him be dressed in a perfectly tailored suit and smelling all intoxicating. lawd, i can’t help myself!  seeing a man playing with his children or showing affection gets me right (heart) here! men who own completely who they are, are so attractive. men who love God and know how to follow him make me melt. black men who appreciate black women give me goosebumps. black men who actively pursue black women make me … (blush) i’ll keep that to myself! men who stay active and laugh out loud and know how carry a conversation about a wide variety of topics make me swoon. men who appreciate the beauty of the out doors and can fish and camp and hike and hunt could have my heart forever. men who understand the intricacies of the marvel and dc universe are the cat’s meow. (i have a very clear type of man if you pay attention to that type of thing!) on the  flip side, i think about the men in power who are constantly fucking stuff up for women. whether it is attacking our rights, trying to send us back to the kitchen so we are constantly barefoot and pregnant (who thought that was a good look?), or just down right abusing our love, bodies and emotions, men sure know how to mess up a good thing. and trust me fellas, women are a GOOD thing. don’t believe me? ask God. He said the man who finds a wife finds a good thing. why do men constantly fuck up a good thing? the world may never know. in the mean time, it is one of the many things i think about on a daily basis. men, glorious, men.

a man who can hang a suit? oh my!
a man who can hang a suit? oh my!

number two thing on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind: clothes
so, i am probably the queen of comfort, but i definitely have style. it is not a highend, trendy style. i’m a classic, yet simple woman and i go for the classic, yet simple look. as i walk through my day, i’m constantly checking out other people’s clothes and wondering if that would be a good look for me. this might be hard for some to believe because i definitely am not a fashionista. i don’t talk about clothes all the time. but they are on my mind.  i don’t wear workout clothes that don’t match. i know my signature colors and i pick things in that pallet when i’m updating my wardrobe. i choose traditional patterns like hounds-tooth, gingham, animal print, and paisley. i only wear things that flatter my figure so no crazy asymmetrical or baggy trends for me. i have a consistent wardrobe meaning most of my clothes can be worn from year to year without any problem. and each season when i search for the lookbook that best fits my style, i add the most unassuming pieces and discard the rest. because i’m a nerd, i have an insatiable hunger for nerdy clothes. superhero tees, shoes, bags, socks and prints all make me happy. even as i’m typing this post while rocking my emerald city comic con special addition tee shirt and my superman high top chuck taylors, i’m thinking about making a trip to the dream comic book store up the street to get a new tee. see what i mean? i’m always thinking about clothes!

a classic lady never goes out of style!
a classic lady never goes out of style!

number three thing on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind: makeup
it goes without saying that i love makeup. i have been wearing makeup since i turned 16 and i rarely go through a day without applying makeup. i can go through the day without it, but i just really like makeup. i grew up with horrible acne. you have no idea how awful it was to have acne as a 28 year old. or maybe you. it’s the pits! it started out with me trying to disguise the acne but over the years i’ve  just fallen in love with the entire look that makeup adds. natural beauty is fabulous and makeup can really enhance the natural beauty of every women. i don’t knock those who don’t do makeup. to each her own, but there is no denying that adding a little bronzer to your face give you a beautiful glow or smearing red on your lips makes you instantly sexy and alluring. aw, the whole world of makeup is pure magic. i love walking into sephoras and playing with the different lip colors, blushes, eye shadows and nail polishes. i’m pretty sure my makeup board on pintrest is my most active. make up is awesome!

enhance that natural beauty honey!
enhance that natural beauty honey!

number four thing on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind: writing
i am a natural writer. my imagination is pretty darn crazy. since i spend a lot of time fantasizing, i am always developing crazy story plots, characters and adventures. what i am not so great at is writing those things down. i think it’s because i have been reluctant to give those stories and characters life because i don’t want them to loose their magic. you now how once you put something down on paper, it becomes real. and in most of our realities, we don’t change very much. we have our mindset, values, beliefs, and experiences and we rarely deviate from those. once i put my characters on paper, they might cease to grow and evolve. i don’t want that to happen. the irony in this is i don’t personally approach life that way. while i’m consistent, i am always growing. a person who stops growing and learning might as well be dead. so if i don’t feel that way about my life, why do i fear that for my characters? it’s irrational and let’s chalk it up to another excuse to avoid being great. sigh. writing is life giving. writing is therapy. writing is fun. writing is expressive. writing is encouraging. writing is peaceful. i’m always thinking about writing. i have this blog because i want to be a consistent writer. writing is always on my mind. so now i’m going to share some things with you that i’ve been working on. what if game of thrones was set in a black universe and focused on ancient african empires? how dope would that be? how crazy is it that this never occurs to hollywood? why do kingdoms always have to be white? i’m brown so i immediately go to a brown universe. but what if it were asian? or native? human nature is the same no matter the race! just something i think about. i also think about black superheroes. y’all know i want to be a super hero so badly. what if i were? i think about writing that comic book all the time. what if there were a movie that featured a black woman like claire huxtabile with a loving family and husband at home while she went out each day to run the u.n.? or what if there were stories about black college students who navigated life in a white world on campus, a black world at home and an international world during study abroad? i know so many with that experience. hell, it’s my own experience! but no one has told it. they always say you have to write the story you want to see. i think about it. now, i write it because i do more than think about writing. i write!

no writer's block over here!
no writer’s block over here!

number five thing on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind: wine and food
is there anything more awesome than fabulous wine and delicious food? if you said yes, just leave! NOW! you don’t deserve to read my blog. i can spend each evening in front of a plate of delectable food and exquisite wine as i recount the exciting adventures of my day. trust me, there is always a story! how can there not be when i spend my day being awesome? hehehe. seriously, i live for sharing a meal with with the people i love most in the world – family and friends. as a single woman, it sucks to not do that every day. but i am always down to recruit a fellow foodie or two or three to the cause and hit a local watering hole for nom noms. i can also throw down in the kitchen so i’m not opposed to having folks over for dinner or lunch or brunch. why? because i think about food and wine all the time. seriously, all the time. what am i having for dinner? what should i make for lunch this week? what restaurant should i try for the first time? when’s the next time i can go back to a favorite restaurant? what new foods do i want to try? what new recipes do i want to fix? what should my next dinner party menu be? i am always thinking about food.

yeah, i'm greedy, so what!
yeah, i’m greedy, so what!

well, that was fun! i clearly have a lot on my mind. lol. no airheads over here. now that i have shared the things on my mind, i’d love to know what you spend your days thinking about. what’s on your mind? post in the comments! (that’s a real request not just a suggestion by the way!)

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