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this is an “outside your comfort” zone, flex all you want

life has a funny way of happening when you aren’t paying attention. the older you get, the faster time seems to move. if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss life while you’re waiting for things to happen.

about a decade ago, i used to make a list of all the things i really wanted to happen in my upcoming year. i would pray over my list and find scriptures to corroborate what i wanted and then start speaking and claiming all kinds of stuff with all the authority of a daughter of the king. many things on those lists came to pass. many of those things never did. over the years, i found myself focusing more on what was missing and ignoring all the awesome that filled my life.

you can't be so focused on what's missing in your life that you fail to see how great your life truly is today
you can’t be so focused on what’s missing in your life that you fail to see how great your life truly is today

it affected my faith and my levels of trust in god because i really wanted some things more than others. as i got older, and arguably wiser, i realized that god isn’t santa and he doesn’t want my annual wish list. he wanted me to commit to a life of service to him and those he placed in my life. and he wanted me to start living in a state of abundance. say that!

that brings me to today, the first day of twenty fifteen. it can be the start of something great or the start of a wasted opportunity. we truly have the power to decide what our future holds. i like abundance a lot. like a whole lot. i enjoy living in the overflow. i’m trying to swim in it. that’s why i am covering my twenty fifteen in the words of 3 john 1:2.

beloved, i wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

as i prayed over my year, i got a little scared. there are some prayers you pray with the expectation that awesome things are coming. and there are some prayers you pray knowing good and well that you will have to weather some storms in order to get the end result. this prayer in my heart? i already know there are going to be some storms and tests. and that scares me. ain’t nobody trying to sign up for pain! thankfully, i have some people in my life who got me when i feel my weakest and my lowest. friends are everythang, right?


these ladies right here? they got me for life.
these ladies right here? they got me for life.

so, i’m nervous. i want all of the abundant life promised, and i want the grace and wisdom to weather the storms that are necessary to stretch me and perfect me. gah! only a crazy person would willingly pray this kind of prayer. but after a year of glimpses of what he wants for me and from me, i feel compelled to say yes. remember, we can rise to the occasion or squander our opportunities. the struggle is real tho!

now i’m going to be a jerk and pray something over your life. if it resonates say me too, lawd. if it doesn’t politely click to the next posts. here it goes: i pray you do something this year that takes you so far past your comfort zone you will need a gps to locate it again.

welcome to twenty fifteen. let’s go make this happen ya’ll!

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