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changing the things i cannot accept

the new year brings out the optimism in people in ways you would never expect. hey team #newyearnewme! i see you. unlike many people screaming at you to stop declaring things they think will never happen, i say declare as much as you want. first, why does it bother them so much that you want to make changes in your life? it’s not like you’re forcing them to make the same changes. ugh. have several seats team #nochange.

unlike them, i understand the power of words and when we speak our intents out loud, things happen. when we speak them and write them, watch out world! that’s a universal principle. nothing we can do to change it. speaking of change, it’s the one thing you can count on day in and day out. things change. people change. places change. situations change. change happens whether we want it to or not, whether we’re ready or not. sometimes it’s good. sometimes it’s bad. there are days i want to tell change to go play in rush hour traffic and die. sigh. but it’s relentless and shows up time and time again.

there is a prayer that recovering addicts say as they strive to live out change in their lives. they call it the serenity prayer. it’s a prayer for wisdom and courage and resilience. but it’s never been a prayer i’ve wanted to pray over my life.

serenity prayer
serenity prayer

i just don’t accept that there are things i cannot change. call me crazy, but that doesn’t vibe with me. i get that i can’t change people, but i just don’t believe that there are situations and circumstances in my life that i can’t change. i recognize that change doesn’t have to come the way i want it to, or in the time i want it to, but i believe i can change things. perhaps it’s just a matter of perspective, but then i saw a quote from powerhouse angela davis and i thought. yes, that’s exactly how i feel! i hope it resonates with you because you are powerful beyond measure and when you start speaking, writing, and doing what you intend to change, there isn’t a negative person in the world who can stop you. let team #nochange keep talking all they want, because they’ll also be watching you change the things you cannot accept! 

see, angela davis knows what’s up. this is my motto for 2015.

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