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i’m so happy to be celebrating 102 years of sisterhood, scholarship, and service with more than 300,000 sorors around the world today as we recognize the day of our founding. can i just say, we look damn good for 102!

in the midst of the chanting, stepping, singing, shouting, duckwalking, fortituding, and eating together as sisters, we also take time to reflect on our legacy. we have much to be proud of and to be grateful for as members of the greatest sisterhood in the world. oh to be a delta woman.

on this very day, january 13, 1913, 22 courageous collegiate women embarked on a journey to change the world. it was no easy task. many said it couldn’t be done. many said it shouldn’t be done. but at the end of the day, all 22 said, “it’s done.” and the world has never been the same!

the illustrious 22
the illustrious 22

many people wonder why we get so excited to celebrate our founders day every single year. i can’t speak for every delta but i can say, a woman who knows her history can assess her present and create her future. delta is full of women who not only create the future we want, we create that future for generations to come. we stand on the shoulders of giants in education, politics, civil rights, science and technology, performing arts, and economic development.

there are no words appropriate to convey my heartfelt appreciation for being a part of such a dynamic and powerful sisterhood. but to all my sawrahs i say, be owt! we make 102 look good, but we just get better with age. cheers to the next 102!

seattle sorors with the far west rd
seattle sorors with the far west rd


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  1. Happy Founders Day!

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