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monday motivational music: love’s in need of love today

last week was a doozy and i don’t know about you but i’m still trying to recover from it all. as we’re preparing to celebrate our national independence day, a day that represents triumph, valor, and freedom for our young nation, i am mindful of all the ways we as a nation are not yet free. we have so far to go in our quest for liberty and justice for all.

although the 300-year slave trade was outlawed in 1865, a mere 150 years ago for those who are counting, we still live with the remnants of the darkest period of our nation’s history. we still grapple with the realities of domestic work and sex slavery. and we still deny basic human dignity to our immigrant and migrant worker populations. we are a mess.

the force of evil plans
to make you its possession
and it will if we let it
destroy ev-er-y-body
we all must take
precautionary measures
if love and peace you treasure
then you’ll hear me when I say

oh that
love’s in need of love today
love’s in need of love today

but as so many were enthusiastically ready to plaster #lovewins all over the social media walls last week with the announcement of legalized same-sex marriage, i challenge you to assess your blind spots and identify all the ways in which love doesn’t win in your life. take a look at your personal relationships. take a look at your work relationships. take a look at how you show up in your community. who do you notice when you’re walking down the street? who remains invisible to you? who do you speak up for when you witness a wrong? in what instances do you remain silent? who do you consider a neighbor? who remains an outcast?

no matter how great our intentions, we all have blind spots. we are all guilty of seeing the speck in each others’ eye, while ignoring the plank in our own. to quote the lyrical and musical genius that is stevie wonder “hate’s goin round breaking many hearts. stop it please before it’s gone too far.” we could all use a little more love in our lives today, and everyday. so let this love song seep into your conscience.


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