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Yes, adults do have slumber parties

This weekend my friends and I got together to have a slumber party to close out another year. I know what you’re thinking, did your grown tail really have a slumber party? We sho did in our onesies. And we had fun too!

I am a fan of the slumber party. I have them with my nieces when I go home for Christmas each year and I have them with my college besties when I travel to St. Louis for New Years. Slumber parties are a great way to let your hair down and enjoy being with the people you love, no judgment, no pretense, and no shame.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of laughter. Trust me, your soul needs laughter like your organs need water. They go together. When we think of all the ways we practice self care, we seem to ignore the basics. Listen, you don’t need to over engineer your soul care. Yes, a trip to the spa is awesome. A walk along the beach or a stroll through the park does wonders for you. A yoga glass is definitely a good idea. But, don’t underestimate the power of laughter.

Laughter does the body good like a medicine.

If you’re curious what exactly happens at an adult slumber party, it’s a lot like your middle school slumber party. Yes, we make fun of each other, eat way more than we need to, laugh until our sides hurt, watch movies, sing loud and off key, dance (and stroll cuz Deltas always stroll), and drink whiskey. Ok, may not just like your middle school slumber parties. We are grown tail women, after all.

This slumber party was extra special because I had my line sister home from med school. Her presence meant the front of the line was together again. I go hard for my ace and deuce. And our honorary deuce served as the host so you really couldn’t tell us nothing.

With the busyness of life, it can be hard to carve out those moments of bonding and memory making. You have to make time because none of it is guaranteed. I’m just glad my tribe knows how to pause, eat chicken fried in the air fryer, enjoy crab that “fell of the truck” and double Dutch twerk like nobodies business. Man, I love us for real!

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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