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Candle making for a chill Sunday funday

I have been on a mission to create my own Sunday funday experiences. I have several friends who call Dallas home and I swear they are always having the most fun on Sunday afternoons and evenings. I was constantly coming across these posts on Instagram of R&B brunches, day parties, lake cruises and live shows that reminded me that living in a real city means having a variety of ways to entertain yourself. Then it hit me, why am I not having Sunday funday?

Seattle is no Dallas. It’s a great city but we don’t have enough black spaces that turn up on a Sunday to replicate the experience my friends have in the south. But that doesn’t mean I can’t create my own kind of fun. This year, I have been on a quest to romanticize my life and relationships. It’s something I picked up from the influencer girlies on YouTube. I’m not 100 percent sure what they mean by it, but for me, it means finding the joy and love and sheer enjoyment in life’s moments and in your relationships. It means treating things with special attention and taking special care. So, when I get invitations to be outside, I say yes as much as possible without overextending myself or neglecting obligations or responsibilities.

We have done a number of things this summer to fully celebrate Sunday funday. We have gone to outdoor concerts, brunched at the waterfront, roadtripped across the state, held picnics at the lake, or walked through botanical gardens. It has been a fantastic summer. As it comes to an end, we are slowing shifting our activities to indoor, cozy vibes. That led to a wonderful candle making excursion today.

A few of us met up at Noir Lux Candle Company in the Belltown area of Seattle. I love this place for a number of reasons, the most important being that it’s black and woman owned. You know we have to support our sistahs! It’s super cute in the space and the process of selecting the vessel for your candle, the mix of fragrances and setting the candle was a lot of fun. You can also visit the shop to find premade candles and other goods from black owned businesses.

The process from start to finish is pretty quick. The best part is selecting the fragrance. I tend to like light, clean or earthy fragrances. For this candle, I wanted to go for sexy, feminine, it’s giving cuffing season. In the end, I mixed cocoa and cashmere with strawberries and champaign and a hint of leather. It honestly sounds like a crazy mix but my goodness it smelled good. The question is, will it burn the way I imagined? I can’t wait to find out. The candle should be ready in a few days. I’ll burn it during my autumn ritual.

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