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you can’t always solve for x

June 4, 2015



i’m not big on math. i made it up to calculus in high school but promptly dropped the class when i failed the first test the start of my senior year. i wasn’t about that failure life back then. well, nothing has changed. failing sucks. but i blame mr. hayman, my trig teacher for making […]

monday motivational music: shake it off

June 1, 2015



this morning i woke up in an allergy medicine fog. my brain didn’t work. it didn’t help that the first thing i saw this morning was a text baring tidings of sadness for someone i care about. i laid in my bed staring at the ceiling as i often do thinking i didn’t really want […]

i never can say good-bye

May 27, 2015



good-bye is a strange word. it implies that going away is a good thing, completely absent of the realities of the loss that comes with it. sometimes saying good-bye is a good thing. we can all stand to let a few things go (i’m looking at you twinkies!). but mostly, saying good-bye means that something […]

getting lost in him as i hiked to lake annette

May 25, 2015


these feet were made for hiking

when i behold the beauty of your many wonders and i’m captivated by your majesty oh my soul rings out a sacred hallelujah back to the source from whence it came a three day weekend is a great chance to reset and refresh, if i┬ádo it right. i decided to spend my saturday hiking through […]