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I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever August 28, 2014

just couldn’t leave well enough alone

August 22, 2014



you know who doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone? God. i was minding my own business doing my thing in life and He just had to interrupt. you know something is out of wack when God interrupts your daily routine. it started with a dinner. food is my ultimate love language. there is […]

do you know how to will what you want

August 1, 2014



when we’re youngens, we have lots of dreams and plans for our future. we don’t know that our games of make-believe and dress up can be crushed under the weight of family and societal expectations. in our free play, we can be and do what we want. if it can be conceived in our imaginations, […]

a movement in the key of praise

July 26, 2014


what is worship and praise?

i am not a musician i am not a singer. i am not where i want to be. i am not consistent. i am not perfect. have you ever noticed when it comes to talking about our spiritual walk how often we start describing ourselves by saying what we are not? you can nod, it’s okay. i […]

if only i had worn my wet suit up the mountain

July 23, 2014


climbing mount si

“Melvin Peebody, Melvin Peebody.” The sing-song taunting of my second grade class rang in my ears as if it were happening all over again. And instead of Melvin Johnson standing in the middle of the ruthless mob, it was me. I hadn’t thought of Melvin, or my stint at St. Martin De Porres catholic school […]