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staring in yellow surprise at the sun

October 20, 2015


staring into the sun

i have heard many of my non-black friends say how surprised and appalled they are by some of the blatant racist things they have witnessed recently either personally, locally, or on a national stage. part of me wants to ask them where they have been all their lives. none of this is new. in fact, […]

swimming with a black face in a white space

October 19, 2015



i am not a strong swimmer. i know how to swim and i enjoy being in the water, but i┬ádon’t know how to tread water so i tend to only go to the deep end with an immediate return trip in mind. every once in a while, i swim away from the shore and just […]

choosing happiness for 25% off today only

October 9, 2015



i just got an email with the subject line: “choosing happiness for 25% off.” i’m assuming it was an ad for a book or some other motivational keepsake being promoted by mama oprah. yes, i call her mama oprah because she has such a nurturing and giving spirit. she just looks like she would embrace […]

i’ll take my starbucks with a shot of shackles and shock

October 4, 2015



my body woke me up from what i can only assume was a peaceful sleep at 5am saturday morning. my reaction was anything but peaceful. i struggled to fall back to sleep for a few hours before i just gave up. i had a pretty lengthy to-do list so i decided to get started. first […]