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in honor of sweet baby jesus

December 18, 2014



you ever have those days when you get all in your feelings and can’t seem to find your way out? that describes me perfectly right now! it started with my older brother posting a poem to my late sister-in-law’s facebook wall. it’s been almost two years but just thinking about her takes me instantly to […]

i can’t be super all the time

December 17, 2014



i want to be a super hero. really badly. did i say really badly? oh, i did. good, because i want to be a super hero really badly.  i wish i could fly. i wish i could teleport. i wish i could control weather. i wish i could heal quickly. i wish i could have […]

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battles are fought and won on many fronts

December 11, 2014



when you hear the battle cry it is easy to get caught up in the call for war and not take a step back and look at the bigger picture. i. am. guilty. i never begrudge anyone their right to pick and choose which battles they are going to fight. i know there is great […]

that good ole college try

December 8, 2014



as overachieving high school students everywhere begin to receive their early decision letters in the mail, i’m reminded of my own college days at drake university in the middle of good ole des moines, iowa. go bulldogs. oh the fond – and not so fond – memories i have of that place. i remember how […]