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Street photographer Daniel Arnold walked backwards through New York's massive Millions March. This is what he saw. January 31, 2015
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deltas do it best

January 13, 2015



i’m so happy to be celebrating 102 years of sisterhood, scholarship, and service with more than 300,000 sorors around the world today as we recognize the day of our founding. can i just say, we look damn good for 102! in the midst of the chanting, stepping, singing, shouting, duckwalking, fortituding, and eating together as […]

changing the things i cannot accept

January 5, 2015



the new year brings out the optimism in people in ways you would never expect. hey team #newyearnewme! i see you. unlike many people screaming at you to stop declaring things they think will never happen, i say declare as much as you want. first, why does it bother them so much that you want […]

this is an “outside your comfort” zone, flex all you want

January 1, 2015



life has a funny way of happening when you aren’t paying attention. the older you get, the faster time seems to move. if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss life while you’re waiting for things to happen. about a decade ago, i used to make a list of all the things i really wanted to happen […]

warning: cloak may cause invisibility

December 22, 2014



writing is my therapy. over these last few months, with mounting racial tensions, outright displays of hatred, and low-key disbelief that my america has too many throwback moments to yesteryear, i find myself writing daily. multiple times a day. i have to get it out. because if i keep all this pain, anger, and rage […]