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i’m a hustler baby i just want you to know

March 26, 2016


when i think of the word hustler, i struggle to conjure up positive images. growing up, being a hustler meant you did what you had to do – legal or otherwise – to make ends meet but it was never considered legit work. often, it was cloaked in the aura of danger. a hustler could […]

respond to the call that aligns with your soul

March 22, 2016


today was one of those days where too many intersections of my world collided. i’m struggling to make sense of it all in the aftermath. this whiplash got my neck and my back hurting. who? what? where? why? how? let me back up. sometimes the best place to begin a story is from the beginning. […]

anatomy of a sacred self care toolkit

March 21, 2016


have you read the five love languages? it was all the rage when it first came out. i read the book but i recently retook the profile quiz to refresh my memory on what my love languages are. in case you aren’t familiar, the five languages identified in the book are acts of service, physical touch, […]

it’s not what you want, it’s what you need

March 19, 2016


sometimes we fail to get the correct answer because we keep asking the wrong question. growing up, i was an uber planner. well, more like a perfectionist. i was a classic perfectionist. i performed for people because i wanted them to approve of me. i  wanted their validation. i did more than what was required. i worked harder […]

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