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did i live up to the expectations of 12-year-old me?

October 13, 2014



i am a middle child and i live with all the baggage that brings. i’m also the only girl, which adds yet another complicated layer to the core of my identity. did i mention i’m black? yeah, that’s pretty big, too. while i’m at it, i’ll divulge that i’m short, extroverted, christian, single, hard of hearing, and […]

dear white people, it’s always about race

October 9, 2014



a little bit of history repeating itself is happening in america. we are seeing a resurgence of jim crow mentality and legislation in cities and states across the country. segregation. unemployment. voter suppression. policing state. hold on a second while i hunt for my “free papers” so i can  navigate my way in this post-racial […]

we’re all a little bit gonzo on the inside

October 1, 2014



i’m going to go ahead and say it. lately, i’ve been feeling awkward. not the usual “she dances to the beat of her own drum” awkward but straight up gonzo the great awkward. do you remember gonzo? he was the beautifully weird muppet who fully embraced his awesomeness despite being rejected on a regular basis. […]

i am not my hair or something like that

September 24, 2014



the other day i read a facebook status that broke my heart. it was a simple statement about hair loss, but it was charged with the heavy weight of the role hair plays in our identity, beauty, and to some extent, self-worth. the post was made by one of my college friends who is battling cancer. sigh. […]