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revolutions are started by students

December 3, 2014



dear high school and college students, i write this love letter to you as i’m struggling to mend my broken heart. i weep as yet another legal decision ignores evidence of a crime, instead choosing to minimize the value of black and brown lives in this version of america you are soon to inherit. i […]

get up and go

December 2, 2014



have you ever just gotten in your car and driven off into the sunset without an actual plan for where you will end up? do you think you could ever be the kind of person who does that at least once? i fully believe every woman should be “that girl” at least once in her […]

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i ain’t afraid of your no

December 1, 2014



i was chatting with my friend today on gchat as we tend to do every day and i had an epiphany. i really like epiphanies because they are those elusive ah ha moments that mean something finally clicked in your mind that can be the catalyst for you removing limitations in your thinking, actions, and […]

true friendship is pure magic

November 30, 2014



after the latest edition of america doesn’t give a fuck about black people, i really needed to find some joy in my tears. there is truth in that saying you have to laugh to keep from crying. at this moment, i find myself all cried out. thankfully, my best friend was able to spend thanksgiving […]