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monday motivational music: love’s in need of love today

June 29, 2015



last week was a doozy and i don’t know about you but i’m still trying to recover from it all. as we’re preparing to celebrate our national independence day, a day that represents triumph, valor, and freedom for our young nation, i am mindful of all the ways we as a nation are not yet […]

who would i meet at your well?

June 26, 2015



whew what a week! there is a season for everything under the sun and this week we find ourselves in deep mourning and deep celebration. i would like to say as a nation, but i know better. we’re too divided to experience these things collectively, communally. so as i have scrolled through my social media […]

fragile: please handle with care

June 21, 2015



in church today, we talked about taking care of things that are fragile. when something is both precious and fragile, you go to great lengths to ensure it is handled with care. you don’t want it to be damaged. you don’t want it to be broken. you don’t want to lose it because it is […]

black is the color of my skin, grief is the color of my soul

June 18, 2015



growing up in racist, segregated kansas city, i was always aware of my blackness. mine was a childhood riddled with the absolute best expressions of black love juxtaposed with the absolute worst expressions of black hate. at 36, i’m growing weary of the american dream because for people who look like me it’s more of […]