May 5, 2016
goats April 21, 2016
sometimes you just have to get it all out in the open April 13, 2016
respectherhustle March 26, 2016
What-is-my-Calling March 22, 2016
self love is radical but necessary March 21, 2016

it’s not what you want, it’s what you need

March 19, 2016



sometimes we fail to get the correct answer because we keep asking the wrong question. growing up, i was an uber planner. well, more like a perfectionist. i was a classic perfectionist. i performed for people because i wanted them to approve of me. i  wanted their validation. i did more than what was required. i worked harder […]

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preserving my sacred spaces

March 1, 2016



a few months ago, someone told me i was in “reclaiming identity” mode. i had shared an experience that caught me off guard and i didn’t know what to make of it. after an extended conversation, we ended with reclaiming identity. i didn’t really know what to make of that either. at 37, i was pretty […]

actually, no, we can’t be facebook friends

February 4, 2016



we live in a world where meeting someone in person or in a virtual space equates to” knowing” someone. i went along with this new age approach to community building becasue i’m a technofile. if you do actually know me, you know i’m all about integrating technology into every part of my life. i love […]

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bet you can’t reach just one

January 28, 2016



have you ever been sitting at your desk minding your own business, lost in your work happy work place, when your stream of consciousness gets hijacked? please, tell me I’m not the only one!  that happened to me the other day. out of the blue! i was doing some research on how to make incremental changes […]