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i love my solitude but we weren't meant to live life alone. May 4, 2014
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what you see is what you get

April 5, 2014



there are a few things people will immediately know about me if we’re in the same space at the same time. and you will discover upon closer inspection that these things are pretty much always true. i’m a pretty transparent person. what you see is what you get. but people who are coming to my […]

top 4 celebs who could be my bff

March 22, 2014



have you ever had a moment when you were fangirling like crazy and realized, “we could totally be bffs?” i can’t lie. i have that moment frequently with four celebrities. everything about them — based on my lowkey stalker knowledge — validates the awesomeness of our fictional, would-be fabulous friendship. i might not ever meet […]

i’ve been thinking, that song is pure tmi!

March 21, 2014



i been thinking, i been thinking. i get pissed when that song gets in my head. i been thinking, i been thinking. why can’t i make it through a day without hearing it, i want to for real. yes i do. i know i cannot be the only one who is super duper over the […]

rejection hurts but it’s not the end of the world

March 18, 2014



we’ve all been there at least once and if you have any kind of talent, drive or intelligence, you’ve been there multiple times. i’m talking about facing rejection. no one goes through life without being rejected. it hurts and it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. sometimes, rejection is the best thing […]