these feet were made for hiking May 25, 2015
sisterhood: the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns May 18, 2015
ashley May 4, 2015
nope May 1, 2015
justiceforfreddy April 27, 2015
niasioux April 27, 2015

monday motivational music: light the universe

April 20, 2015



music has magical powers. it can alter your mood in just a matter of minutes. everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the sound of the voice crooning over the track affect how you feel and relate to the world around you. it’s also quite suggestive! when you’re putting together your workout mix, you […]

i hear you loud as a bomb

April 7, 2015



“it’s the moments when you’re left all on your own, and it hits you from out of nowhere. you try to hid it sometimes unsuccessfully, with a smile that fades quickly away.”  every now and then i like to take time to reflect on life. it’s a way for me to be still because i’m […]

the unholy matrimony of race and religion

April 2, 2015



i am not an academic or great scholar. i studied communication theory in grad school at a christian university, but no one will accuse me of being an authority on exegising jesus, translating greek and hebrew into something mere mortals can understand, or drawing elaborate parallels between the divine and humanity. i’m not here for that. but […]

bringing sand to the beach

March 31, 2015



i like to be prepared for everything. i have an uncanny ability to anticipate what people will need before they make that need known and i meet it. sometimes i know what they need before they even know themselves.  i’m not sure when this super power started but i’ve had it for a while. this […]