I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever August 28, 2014
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what is worship and praise? July 26, 2014
climbing mount si July 23, 2014
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stop trying to make fetch happen

May 29, 2014



there is nothing worse than when someone tries super hard to be cooler than they actually are. everyone knows the cool kids were secretly awkward kids who didn’t know how to disguise their awkwardness and somehow became cool. or they were super sucky meanies. either way, working to be cool is the epitome of lame. […]

what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind

April 26, 2014



as i was sitting in a corner coffee shop working away this afternoon, i looked up and spotted a very handsome guy looking at me. or he could have been looking past me since i’m sitting in front of the window and it’s absolutely gorgeous in seattle today. i mean GORGEOUS! the sun is shining […]

self care is more sacred than a to-do list

April 16, 2014



i was packing up my stuff for the night and doing a mental list of all the things i still needed to get done before the night was over for both work and personal life, and i just had to stop in my tracks. i am in need of quality self care right now. it’s […]

what you see is what you get

April 5, 2014



there are a few things people will immediately know about me if we’re in the same space at the same time. and you will discover upon closer inspection that these things are pretty much always true. i’m a pretty transparent person. what you see is what you get. but people who are coming to my […]