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i can’t keep calm because there is too much to do

February 22, 2014



i don’t think anyone would identify me as a calm person. it’s not because i’m always amped up and agitated. it’s more because i don’t like to sit still. i know how to be still. i just don’t like doing it. i was blessed with a natural abundance of energy and even in my thirties […]

Revisiting the worst day of my life a year later

February 16, 2014


never forgotten sissy

my sister’s smile and laugh were so contagious that if she started it, everyone joined in. her laugh is the thing i hear most in my head on the days i can’t help but miss her. she left this world a year ago today and things aren’t any easier. my friend jj told me it […]

black girls run and dance and lift and sweat

January 25, 2014



it is amazing to me that we even have to make such statements. yes black girls are fit. no all of us aren’t overweight. why do people think that? because non black people seem to think madea is the only kind of black woman there is. never you mind the many black women casted in […]

i’ve got the answers to the secrets of life

January 22, 2014



got a secret can you keep it? swear this one you’ll save better lock it, in your pocket taking this one to the grave if i show you then i know you won’t tell what i said cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead… ~ pretty little liars theme song […]