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stop trying to make fetch happen

there is nothing worse than when someone tries super hard to be cooler than they actually are. everyone knows the cool kids were secretly awkward kids who didn’t know how to disguise their awkwardness and somehow became cool. or they were super sucky meanies. either way, working to be cool is the epitome of lame.

you know what else is lame? being a suck up! there is no need to beg for attention when you have substance. seriously, there is enough room for everyone to shine. face it, no one can be a better you than you. and when you fail to fully walk in your “youness,” the door is open for someone else to come in and do it. they will fail, naturally, and we’re still robbed of an authentic you. the worst part though is the phoney walking around in your place.

a wise woman by the name of wanda everage (go wanda, go drake!) once said, i don’t have to brown nose because i was born with one. yes. i was born with a brown nose and let me tell you, it’s an awesome nose. thanks dad! with such an awesome brown nose permanently attached to my head, i’m free to move through life being my natural awesome self without for one moment taking away from anyone else’s awesomeness. did you see how i did that?

so, the moral of the story my friends is be your authentic self and stop trying to so hard to be cool and get attention. the sun is super ginormous and it has enough light to shine on you and me and all the people around us. oh, and for you people who still refuse to get it (the same kind of people who keep trying to make fetch happen) the sun happens to like its job and doesn’t need another star trying to take its place.

with that i encourage all of you to shine on, like a shining star tonight. and stop trying to make fetch happen!

stop trying to make fetch happen
stop trying to make fetch happen


also, you should totally know more about the woman who shaped so much of my adult self. thank you wanda for your words of love, wisdom, encouragement. and thanks for the tissue and that flower chair!

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