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The older you get, the more you struggle with time management. Adulthood is just super full of obligations and a bunch of “have-tos” that quite frankly none of us asked for. And if we did, we didn’t know the full extent of what was going to be required of us. I don’t have to tell you that adulting is a scam. I’m pretty sure we all know that already. For those who were always in such a hurry to grow up, jokes on you!

I was never in a rush to grow up. I actively avoided getting my driver’s license for as long as possible just so I didn’t have to run errands for me mom. When she decided to send me to the grocery story anyway with the warning that if I got a ticket I would have to pay for it myself, I realized that my time had run out. I went and got my license. And so began the life obligations that put me on the road that got me to where I am today. Full on, unadulterated adulting is happening over here.

Something else happens as you get older, and it’s not often talked about. We tend to think older means wiser. And, for most of us, I sincerely hope that is true. Please, be wiser. The thing that was unexpected for me was the clarity that came with aging. I used to second guess myself all the time because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, or how I wanted to get it. This lack of clarity often led me to focus on too many things, or the wrong things at the wrong time. Or, maybe it was all the right things, but still at the wrong time. Now, I’m very clear about what I want out of life, what I want my life to look and feel like, and what I am willing to do to make it happen.

Clarity is a gift. Perhaps the most important take-away from increased clarity, is understanding for yourself what matters most to you, and the ability to prioritize those things. It is an ongoing exercise. Life is always going to present you with new shiny things be it people, jobs, organizations/activities, relationships or material possessions. There is always something new vying for your time and attention. Clarity means you can sift through the noise and identify what demands your attention, what is most important, and what is for you. The sooner we tap into this the better.

The start of a new year often brings renewed energy around prioritizing and focusing. This is a good thing. We all need to recalibrate from time to time. For me, this means recognizing where I have lied to myself about my priorities. I have some work to do on clarifying what matters most to me and aligning my actions accordingly.

So, as we dive into 2023, I am excited to spend my energy, time, talents, and treasure on the following:

Writing: I am a writer. That is no surprise to anyone reading this blog. It is my chosen profession and I write a lot of things for other people. This year I am writing for myself. Not only here on my beloved blog (she’s not going to be neglected this year I promise!), but I also plan to publish some things this year. I don’t have a specific requirement for what I want to write, just that I will be writing regularly, and submitting the good stuff.

Reading: As a lover of words, I have spent far too few moments devouring them and treasuring them in the past few years. I used to read at least 50 books a year. The more obligations I have had, the less reading I have done. This just doesn’t sit well with me. Writers have to read. It keeps us sharp, creative, and connected to the language we love so much. After reactivating my library card, I have committed to reading or listening to a book a week this year. I am happy to report that I started the year off strong and I am on target to make this a reality. If you have book recommendations, send them my way! I believe in supporting the public library and phenomenal authors. If I love the book, it gets added to my personal library.

Sunday Funday: Social media is part nemesis and part inspiration. I’m wise enough not to compare myself or my life to others, but I appreciate the subtle reminders from my well curated social media feeds that I am an extravert and I need to be around people and doing things to fill my cup. I have decided to create my own Sunday Funday a few times a month this year. Now, Dallas does Sunday Funday like nobody’s business. That kind of action is not happening in Seattle. Brunch is just not that lit here. But there are a ton of things happening in this amazing city that I get to call home. I’m talking trips to local islands, hikes in the mountains, art galleries and live music and festivals, innovative cuisine and pop-ups, yoga in the park. So many options. And there is always the much appreciated evening in with friends for dinner, conversation and cocktails! No matter what form it takes, Sunday Funday is happening.

Strength training: I am a Peloton fanatic. I am not ashamed to admit that. In fact, I’m in damn good company. I have owned the bike since 2020 (pandemic realness) and recently purchased the Guide and treadmill. I am an 8 on the enneagram which means I need physical activity to relieve my stress and use all this extra energy that I generate by being awesome. But as I age, I am very aware of the importance of muscle tone, flexibility, and overall strength. This year, I am incorporating strength training into my regular fitness routine. I have never been scared of weights but I have not always prioritized them on a regular basis. Thankfully, Peloton has a slew of classes to take including traditional strength, pilates, yoga, core, and barre. You will find me in one of the above at least 3 times a week this year.

Another thing that clarity provides is a reminder that you can’t do it all, at the same time. Younger me tried to do it all. Wiser, more mature me knows that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and I get to decide what’s most important for me. I am proud of this list. Over the next 11 months, I will enjoy leaning into these intentional areas of focus. Don’t worry, I’ll share how it’s going along the way!

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  1. Summer Richardson says:

    Clarity is a beautiful thing to have on this journey called life. Thanks for the reminder sis

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