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seattle-area ufo crash happened before roswell, you’re welcome!

i rather enjoy learning cool new facts about my adopted city. actually, this isn’t about seattle, but it’s about a super awesome bit of history that happened just outside of seattle and i had no idea about it!

let me back up a bit. when i was a kid i was obsessed with aliens. did you get that? i was OBSESSED! i read all kinds of books about alien abductions and alien sightings and the mysteries of ufos. it just doesn’t make sense to me that our universe is so large and we’re here all alone. side note: ancient aliens is one of my fave shows. not necessarily because of the alien history. mostly because giorgio tsouklos has amazing hair. amazing enough to generate countless internet memes. oh the internets. where would we be without you?

focus! this post is not about giorgio, or ancient aliens, or my obsession with aliens. it’s about an honest to goodness real-life ufo sighting and crash in my own back yard! well, seattle’s back yard. and on april fools day, the wonderful city of burien, wa., let the entire world — or whoever was paying attention — know about it. i’m just sad i wasn’t aware and couldn’t be there to participate in the first ever april fool’s ufo crash block party. but thank goodness for the interwebs because now we can all join in the fun and feel like we were there!

huge thanks to maury island incident blog for posting this great story and video recap of the block party! also, check out the video because, MERICA!

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