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i can’t be super all the time

i want to be a super hero. really badly. did i say really badly? oh, i did. good, because i want to be a super hero really badly.  i wish i could fly. i wish i could teleport. i wish i could control weather. i wish i could heal quickly. i wish i could have super human strength. i wish i could slow down time and speed it up. yep, i’m greedy. i want all the good super powers. i want to be super.

wonder woman created by the talented Illumistrations, a freelance graphic designer/artist located in Virginia.

that’s an odd thought to wake up to, right? yet, that was exactly what was on my mind when i opened my eyes today. how much i wish i was super. i find myself, as the year draws to a close, incredibly exhausted. my being is mentally, emotionally, and physically drained by the events of this year. perhaps if i was a super hero, i could do more, be more, have a bigger impact. i could have less limitations. i would be less exhausted.

truth is the lack of super powers has never stopped me. i still rush in, all in, to accomplish whatever is set before me. somethings i conquer. somethings i botch. somethings are left undone. some times the thing left undone is me. sigh. i can’t be super all the time.

super girl created by the talented Illumistrations a freelance graphic designer/artist located in Virginia.
super girl created by the talented Illumistrations a freelance graphic designer/artist located in Virginia.

“when i’m pretty, when i don’t look my best. when i don’t feel like gotta have an “s” on my chest. have an “s” on my chest. yes “s,” on my chest. i can’t be supa all the time. i know i’m extraordinary. but you can’t expect me to be on 10 all the time. i’d lose my mind, yea i could go crazy wearing this “s” all day across my chest all day.” chrisette michell

i have to tell myself on a weekly basis that i can’t be super all the time. some days i need to have a seat and recover my strength. right now, i feel almost depleted. empty. and i need to be filled. refilled? filled anew? sigh. i’m tired. these are words i don’t say often. but i’m tired. i have poured into a lot of people and things this year. i’m proud of every bit of it. i think in the next year, i need to make finding people who pour into me a priority. because as much as i hate to admit it, and trust me, i really hate to admit it, i can’t be super all the time. 

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Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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  1. Bonnie Hedman says:

    For years, I pushed and pushed and I did a lot, much of what I am very proud of. The last 20 years, I have battled with illnesses and aging and some days I feel so useless. But this has caused me to learn to need others in a good way and let others achieve instead of needing to be the “one”. I feel tired a lot right now, but every once in a while, when I let God, He shows me how He is still using me and it is all ok. This post really covers some important things about being super, but also realizing, we do need to need others. Hang in there, you are doing good.

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